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Committee Appointment Preference


Full-time Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering


Sarah Sobieraj, Chair, Committee on Committees


April 4, 2017


Preference for Committee Assignments, 2017-2018

Please provide the Committee on Committees with the following information about your preferences for serving on committees. We intend to use this information when we make committee assignments and prepare election slates for the upcoming academic year. If you are considering a committee and would like to learn more about the work involved, please consult the Tufts University Committee List or contact a current committee member.

PLEASE NOTE: If we do not hear from you we assume that you are open to any new assignment

Please return this form by April 23, 2017 by clicking the submit button below or by sending a hardcopy to Jillian Dubman, Ballou Hall, 1st Floor.

Your Name:    

1) Do you plan to be on leave for:
Fall 2017:  
Spring 2018:  
Academic Year
2) On which committees do you currently serve, for which your term will NOT expire in May 2017? (Contact the Secretary of the Faculty if you are unsure of your current committee assignments.)
3) Please list on which committees, whose members are appointed, you would be willing to serve. Please review a complete listing of Faculty Committees.
4) Please select from the elected committees for which you would be willing to run in Spring 2018:
(The elected committees are: Budget and University Priorities, Committee on Committees, Executive Committee, Faculty Advisory Board for Administration, Grievance Panel, Tenure and Promotion)

5) Please add any additional comments, as well as other committee assignments not included in the list above:


6) If you do not agree to serve on any faculty committees, please state why in the box below:


In case of technical difficulties, please contact Jillian Dubman, Secretary of the Faculty, via e-mail at Jillian.Dubman@tufts.edu.

If you have any questions, please contact Committee on Committees:

Chair, Sarah Sobieraj (x72472),  Ioannis Evrigenis (x7-4106), Kathleen Camara (x7-2392), David Gute (x73452), Sarah Pinto (x7-5842)

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