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Resources for Students
What to Expect:
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Resources for Students

What to Expect

Is Talloires Right for You?
Going to Talloires is a big decision and there are many factors to consider before registering. The European Center in Talloires is a beautiful campus for Tufts University, but the small lakeside resort town of Talloires is very different from the Medford campus, and your days will follow a different rhythm. We truly believe that the experience of studying in Talloires, while it will have challenges, has the potential to be a transformative experience.

The Talloires Student Handbook contains in-depth information about all aspects of the programs in Talloires. We want you to be as informed as possible before you make this decision. Below is a short introduction to some important elements of the Talloires experience and on the left, we have highlighted some important topics for you to consider. This information will be useful to you both as you decide if one of our programs is right for you and once you decide to register and are preparing for your departure.

The academic demands of these programs are rigorous. Each program is designed to challenge you as a student in a short period of time. Be prepared to spend a good portion of your time attending class and studying. Scholarship information >

Village Life
The Tufts European Center is located in Talloires, a small village of approximately 1,500 residents set on the shores of Lac d’Annecy, in the foothills of the French Alps. Talloires is a close-knit, interconnected community, where the Tufts European Center is a well-known, respected institution. There is one bakery, one small grocery store and several cafés where villagers see each other on a regular (and often predictable) basis. Many Talloiriens maintain a slower, more traditional or socially conservative lifestyle. Students have observed that the social, cultural, and economic patterns of the region are quite different from what they may be used to.

Host Families
All students stay with local host families. Host families are vetted and many have hosted for a number of years. The host family experience can be one of the most enriching aspects of this program, but living with a host family is not easy! It requires mutual respect and open communication but offers a unique way to understand and be a part of a different culture. All host families live in the villages between Talloires and Annecy, the closest urban center the region. Public buses are the main source of transport between classes and the host families.