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Alex Wright (Founder and Director of the ESI) is currently a senior double majoring in Economics and Political Science. She is from San Diego, California. During this past summer, she interned at Lux Capital, a NYC-based venture capital firm, focusing on their renewable energy investments. She spent her junior year in London, where she interned with a Member of Parliament and wrote a research paper on energy policy and its impacts on low-income and elderly citizens. During the summer of 2006, she participated in the ESI research project in Southern California, on energy production and policy. That same summer she interned at the non-profit Energy Independence International. During the spring of 2006, she participated in MITís Ignite Clean Energy business competition and made it to the semi-finals with three other ESI students. Alex also participated in putting together MITís Energy 2.0 Conference. During the summer of 2005, she interned at the Business Council for Sustainable Energy in Washington, DC. She was a member of the 2005 EPIIC colloquium: Oil & Water and participated in research entitled "Developing the Solar Economy: Political, Financial, and Infrastructure Framework Creation for Renewable Energy Systems in California, Germany, and Eastern Europe" (Summer 2005).

Daniel Enking (Director of Group Development) is a sophomore majoring in International Relations and Quantitative Economics. His interest in renewable energy started as a freshman in high school when he read The Hydrogen Economy, by Jeremy Rifkin. In his freshman year at Tufts, Daniel attended several conferences and participated in two research trips with the ESI. In November of 2006 he attended the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)'s National Policy Conference in Washington DC. He also attended the MIT Energy Conference in March and the Financing Wind Energy Conference in Santa Fe, NM in July, 2007. In January 2007 he conducted research in Colorado with two other students that focused on commercially viable renewable energy technologies for today's markets. He also traveled to Brussels and Amsterdam with three other students in May to research the European Emissions Trading Scheme. Daniel's biggest accomplishment was co-organizing and hosting the second annual Tufts Energy Symposium, which brought several speakers from all facets of the renewable energy industry to speak at Tufts. Daniel is currently working with a new non-profit called Action for Clean Energy (ACE), and with several other ESI members in starting Emergent Energy Group, a wind development and consulting company. He looks forward to an eventful year and to welcoming new members to the group.

Jesse Gossett (Co-Director) is a senior at Tufts University majoring in Environmental Studies and History. After spending 9 months continent-hopping, Jesse settled in San Francisco for the previous summer to do a bit of freelance GIS consulting and an energy consulting internship with KEMA Services. Jesse is excited to return to his work at Tufts. Previously he has been very involved in ESI including working as a member of the ESI Ignite Clean Energy Competition through MIT that went to the semi-finals with their bio-diesel business plan. In the coming year Jesse hopes to bring renewable energy onto campus in an as of now secret way and also take a delegation of students and researchers to the World Future Energy Summit in Dubai in January.

Jared Rodriguez (Trip Director) is a senior who is majoring in Civil Engineering and Architectural Studies. He is the Field Trip Coordinator for the ESI. Jared is also a member of the Tufts Green Roof Initiative, with which he presented original research to the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. at the 2006 P3-Sustainable Design Expo on the National Mall (May 2006). Jared was the Tufts Student Representative to Boston's Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Symposium (October 2005). He was the principle designer of Stony Point Bay Community Boathouse on the Hudson River, which will contain green design components. Jared is now involved in providing a dairy farm in Vermont with electric-generating capabilities through the production of methane from cow waste by use of a biogas reactor. In May 2007, Jared traveled to the Netherlands and Belgium to study the efficacy of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, along with industry response to the emissions reduction program.

Jayson Uppal (Director of Technology) is a rising senior majoring in Civil Engineering. He is a member of the Tufts Green Roof Initiative, with which he presented original research to the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. at the 2006 P3-Sustainable Design Expo on the National Mall (May 2006). In the summer of 2006, Jayson performed research on sustainable building materials at The Energy and Resource Institute in Delhi, India. Jayson is one of the founding members of Emergent Energy Group, a wind development and consulting company. In 2006, Jayson traveled to Southern California with other ESI members to research energy policy and green buildings in . He also participated in the 2007 ESI trip to Belgium to study the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

Karan Jain (Treasurer) is a rising junior double majoring in International Relations and Economics. Through his interest in sustainable development and responsible economic growth, he is mainly focused upon the promotion and development of renewable energies. An avid Sinophile, Karan plans to travel to China both for a semester of studying abroad and to conduct research in collaboration with students at Peking University on the status and future prospects of renewable energy development in grassroots China.


Max Leiserson (Resource Manager) is currently a freshman at Tufts University and is looking to pursue a major in computer science or biology. His interest in energy and the environment was kindled his senior year in his high school in North Haven, CT. His AP Environmental Science Class and a class at Yale entitled "Microeconomics with Environmental Applications" along with the New York Times are his underlying basis for his knowledge and concern in energy. He looks forward to contributing to the ESI through his remaining time at Tufts.

Daniel Brasil Becker is a senior at Tufts majoring in International Relations and Peace & Justice Studies. He is a member of Tufts Energy Security Initiative and the EPIIC Colloquium on Oil and Water. In the summer of 2005, Daniel conducted independent research in Brazil through the Institute for Global Leadership on the sustainable development of energy derived from sugar cane.


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