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Tufts University
Eliot-Pearson Department
of Child Study and
Human Development
105 College Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

Office: 617-627-0588
Fax: 617-627-3503

Curriculum Vitae

Sasha Fleary
Evans Family Assistant Professor in Cognition and Learning

M.S., Ph.D. Clinical Psychology with specialty in Pediatric Psychology, Texas A&M University
B.A. Psychology, City College of New York of the City University of New York


  • Health literacy and preventive health in underserved families and adolescents
  • Pediatric obesity prevention and treatment
  • Adolescent health risk behaviors
  • Child and adolescent health promotion
  • Reducing health disparities and increasing health equity
  • Family adjustment to chronic illnesses

My research interests widely defined are promoting and increasing preventive health and healthy lifestyle choices in health disparate and underserved families as well as adolescents. My specialized interests are in prevention and treatment of obesity, improving cardiovascular health, improving health literacy, and promoting proper diet/nutrition and physical activity in families and adolescents. I am also interested in the prevention of adolescent health risk behaviors and adolescents' decision making regarding health risk behaviors.

Selected Publications

Fleary, S. A., Heffer, R.W., McKyer, E. L. J, & Taylor, A. (2013). A parent-focused pilot intervention to increase parent health literacy and healthy lifestyle choices for young children and families. ISRN Family Medicine, 2013, 11 pages. doi:10.5402/2013/619389

Fleary, S. A., Ettienne-Gittens, & R. Heffer, R. W. (2013) Perceptions of preventive health care and healthy lifestyle choices for low income families: A qualitative study. ISRN Preventive Medicine, 2013, 6 pages. doi:10.5402/2013/189180

Fleary, S. A., Heffer, R. W., & McKyer, E. L. J. (2013) Understanding nonprescription and prescription drug misuse in late adolescence/young adulthood. Journal of Addiction, 2013, 8 pages. doi:10.1155/2013/709207

Fleary, S. A. & Heffer, R. W. (2013). Impact of growing up with a chronically ill sibling on well siblings' late adolescent functioning. ISRN Family Medicine, 2013, 8 pages. doi:10.5402/2013/73756

Fleary, S. A., Heffer, R. W., & McKyer, E. L. J. (2011). Dispositional, ecological and demographic influences on adolescent tranquilizer, Ritalin, and narcotics misuse. Journal of Adolescence, 34(4).

Fleary, S. A., Heffer, R. W., McKyer, E. L. J. & Newman, D. (2010). Using the Bioecological Model to predict risk perception of marijuana use and reported marijuana use in adolescence. Addictive Behaviors, 35, 795-798.