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Undergraduate Programs

The department offers both a minor and a major in Education. The major requires 10 courses, the minor requires 5 courses.

Education is a co-major only, ideally to complement the student's primary major. Because students may come from a range of primary majors, and have a variety of particular interests, the major in Education involves custom design: Students work with their advisors to craft their programs, which they then submit for approval to the Undergraduate Committee of the Education Department.

Here are the details of the minor and major program requirements.

Undergraduate Director: Steve Cohen

Please note: The minor and the major are designed for the scholarly study of learning and teaching. They are not state-approved programs for license. Students who are interested in initial licensure should consider pursuing a combined degree program, bachelor's degree with a Master of Arts in Teaching, instead of a co-major. See the combined degree program page for more information