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Undergraduate Programs

The department offers both a minor and a major in Education. The major requires 10 courses, the minor 5, and there are two possible concentrations for each:

Educational Studies focuses on social and cultural foundations with particular attention to race, gender, sexuality, and other dimensions of societal organization. Students will study "critical theory" with respect to educational practices and institutions.

Teaching and Learning focuses on education within academic disciplines (art, history, a science, math, languages, engineering). Students will work with their major advisor to construct a program related to their primary major and interests.

Here are the details of the minor and major program requirements.

Undergraduate contacts: Sabina Vaught (Educational Studies) and David Hammer (Teaching and Learning).

Please note:  The minor and the major are designed for the scholarly study of learning and teaching. They are not and will not be state-approved programs for license.

Our first priority in designing these programs is scholarly rigor and depth. We certainly welcome students who are interested in becoming teachers. But we believe that, with rare exceptions, a teaching license should require graduate study.

The Teaching and Learning concentration overlaps significantly with our Master of Arts in Teaching program, which does lead to a teacher license, and students who are interested may "reserve" courses from their undergraduate degree sheets, to get a head start on the MAT.  Exceptional students may be able to complete student teaching placements, which would allow them to apply directly to the state for a preliminary license.