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Museum Education

Courses & Requirements

The MA in Museum Education is a two-year, 33-credit program. Each student takes five required museum studies courses, two required education courses, and four electives relating to the discipline of the student's area of interest. The electives form an important part of a student's preparation for work in the field, for museum educators need both discipline-based knowledge and pedagogical knowledge and strategies for teaching content.

Course Requirements: (33 credits / 11 3-credit courses)
5 Museum Studies Courses
  • Museum Foundations Course:
    ED 285 Museums Today: Mission and Function
  • Museum Education Foundations Course:
    ED 280 Museum Teaching and Learning in the Museum
  • Museum Curriculum Course:
    ED 281 Museum Education for K – 12 Audiences
  • Seminar:
    ED 282 Proseminar in Museum Interpretation
  • Museum Practicum:
    ED 284 Practicum in Museum Education

2 Education Courses (one from each category)

Education Foundations Course:

  • ED 161 Anthropology and Sociology of Schooling
  • ED 162 Critical Histories of U.S. Education
  • ED 163 Philosophies
  • ED 167 Critical Race Theory
  • ED 168 Pedagogies

Psychology of Development and Education:

  • ED 130 Human Development and Learning
  • ED 142 Education of the Exceptional Child
  • ED 252 Group Dynamics
  • CSHD 211 Theories of Human Development
  • CSHD 161 Advanced Personal-Social Development
  • CSHD 262 Cultural Sensitivity

4 Electives, as determined with your advisor

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