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Elementary STEM Education

Field Placement

Students in the Elementary STEM program are placed at a partner school with a supervising practitioner for their practicum experience. MAT students are in their placements for the majority of the school year, beginning in late August. They meet with the supervising practitioner, participate in school meetings and professional development, and assist the supervising practitioner in preparing the classroom for the school year. Typically, students spend four to five days per week in their placement during the first three weeks of school. After this time, MAT students scale back their field work to three days per week to allow time and space for coursework and reflection. In January, MAT students begin going five days per week for the remainder of their placement, which typically ends in May.

Partner Schools

We have established partnerships with a number of districts and schools in the greater Boston area, including the Linden STEAM Academy (K-8), the King Open School (K-8) in Cambridge, and the Mission Hill K-8 School in Boston.

Elementary STEM Education


Students in the Elementary STEM program are assigned a Program Supervisor who serves as a coach by observing teaching, debriefing observations, reviewing lesson plans and assessments, and supporting the MAT student's development as a practitioner. The supervisor will observe the student's teaching at least 4 times over the course of the year. The experience culminates with the Supervising Practitioner (the cooperating teacher), the Candidate (the MAT student), and the Program Supervisor completing the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP), which is a required component of license endorsement.