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Elementary STEM Education

Meet the Faculty

Faculty in the Department of Education are committed scholars with areas of expertise in teacher education, mathematics education, science education, engineering education, social studies and history education, English education, art education, museum education, educational studies, and school psychology. Candidates in the MAT program will engage with faculty from all areas of the department, as well as with faculty in the disciplinary departments - such as Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering - through a variety of coursework and seminar work. The faculty is firmly grounded in research, with interests including early childhood mathematics, elementary science/mathematics/engineering, art education, and urban education. Thus, candidates in this program are exposed to current ideas, perspectives, theories, and research in areas relevant to the teaching they will be doing in elementary schools. In addition, a dedicated staff of administrators, placement supervisors, and multimedia specialists provide students with ample resources to be both successful academically and in their career pursuits.

Brian E. Gravel Brian E. Gravel (contact me)
Assistant Professor, Director of Elementary Education
Brian studies how people use representations to think and reason–within technological environments, in makerspaces, and in elementary school classrooms. He works with future teachers in STEM fields to foster intellectual approaches to teaching built on the belief that children are nascent scholars with many valuable resources that serve as the foundation of meaningful work.
Linda Beardsley Linda V. Beardsley (contact me)
Senior Lecturer
Linda V. Beardsley has been teaching in the Education Department since 1997. She teaches courses that support the pre-professional field experiences and provide candidates for teacher license an understanding of the ways in which policy and practice interact to influence the profession. She teaches a course on The Global Educator, reflecting her work in Rwanda and chairs the Teacher Education Committee. She developed and directs the Urban Teacher Training Collaborative.
B├írbara M. Brizuela Bárbara M. Brizuela (contact me)
Professor, Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts & Sciences
I have taught kindergartners, graduate students, and many others in between, and my current research focuses on children's learning of elementary mathematics, including early algebra, children's learning of the notational number system and other notational aspects of mathematics, and mathematics teachers' learning and professional development.
Julia Gouvea Julia Gouvea (contact me)
Assistant Professor
Julia studies biology learners and biology learning environments primarily at the secondary and post-secondary levels. She is primarily interested in studying and designing learning experiences for biology students that support scientific reasoning.
Ryan Redmond Ryan Redmond (contact me)
Ryan Redmond is a Lecturer in the Department of Education and has been a member of the department since 2010. In the middle of ten years of English and history teaching at the middle and high school levels, he completed his MAT work in Political Science/Political Philosophy at Tufts in 2004.