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Elementary STEM Education

Courses & Requirements

The MAT in Elementary STEM Education is a 12 course program leading to Initial Teacher license. The sequence of course offerings for the M.A.T. in Elementary STEM Education is linked to the program as a whole, and students are encouraged to complete the program as full-time students. Preparation for initial teacher license and the MAT degree is usually completed over 12 months: one 6-week summer term, one academic year (i.e., fall and spring semesters), and one final 6-week summer term.

Course Requirements
1 Course in the Social, Cultural and Historical Foundations of Education*:
  • CSHD 153 Culture and Learning
  • ED 161 Anthropology and Sociology of Schooling
  • ED 162 Critical Histories of U.S. Education
  • ED 167 Critical Race Theory

1 Course in Human Development Theory*:

  • ED 130 Human Development and Learning
  • CSHD 151/251 Advanced Intellectual Development or
  • CSHD 161/261 Personal/Social Development
  • CSHD 155 The Young Child's Development of Language

1 Course in Special Needs*:

  • CSHD 190 Children With Special Needs
  • ED 142 Education of the Exceptional Child

2 Curriculum Component Courses*:

  • ED 116 Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum I
  • ED 117 Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum II
  • ED 211 Some of What Matters About Matter: Intensive Properties
  • ED 212 Conceptual Distinctions: The Case of Heat and Temperature
  • ED 213 Earth's Energy Balance

1 Pre-Practicum Component:

  • ED 103 Introduction to Teaching in Elementary School

1 Practicum Component:

  • ED 104 Elementary Supervised Teaching (minimum of 300-hour placement at either 1-3 or 4-6 level)

1 Course in Disciplinary Thinking and Reasoning*:

  • ED 111 Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in the Science Curriculum
  • ED 112 Mathematical Learning Environments
  • ED 119 Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in Engineering
  • CSHD 173 Curricula for Young Children: Math, Science, Technology
  • CSHD 145/ED 182 Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning

2 courses in Literacy*:

  • CSHD 172 Reading and Language Arts for Young Children
  • ED 183 Grammar and Writing for Teachers
  • ED 189 The Role of "Story" in Education
  • ED 191 The Foundations of Literacy

1 Course in Art for Elementary Curriculum*:

  • CSHD 179 Child Art
  • ED 191 Any Color You Like

1 Course in Integrated Elementary Methods*:

  • ED 127 Practice of Teaching Elementary STEM

*In consultation with the program director and academic advisor, other courses may be considered to meet this requirement.

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