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Educational Studies

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As of Fall 2018 the Master of Arts (MA) in Education is flexible degree that allows students to customize their program of study with an advisor.

Welcome message

We have redefined this degree to expand the possibilities of study. Students may now design their own programs, in consultation with a department advisor, based on their particular interests and professional needs.

For a number of years, the requirements focused specifically on critical theoretical questions and approaches, in the tradition of the American Educational Studies Association. Students are still free to follow that program of study.

Over time, though, we have found more and more students coming to us with diverse backgrounds and interests. Some look to combine studies of critical theory with a focus in STEM Education, for example; some are interested to develop community spaces of learning; some to enhance their practices as K-12 teachers or their preparation for college teaching, to work with students making the transition from high school to college, to study educational practices in other countries, and so on. We are excited by the range of possibilities, and for the coming years we are interested to explore them with students.

We welcome your inquiries!

David Hammer
Department Chair