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Educational Studies

The Master of Arts (MA) in Educational Studies program is designed for students who wish to continue on to advanced studies and research in Education or related fields such as Law, for in-service teachers who wish to develop or deepen their scholarly understandings of schooling, and for students interested in the broad field of education-related work.

Program Director
Sabina Vaught

Welcome message from program director

Educational Studies is the subfield of Education that takes a critical theoretical approach to engaging a rich array of questions about the dynamic relationships between education and society. Ed Studies emerged as a subfield of Education in response to U.S. and global social movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Grounded in critical theoretical traditions, Ed Studies is a multi-disciplinary scholarly tradition, with strands including anthropology, history, philosophy, and sociology, and with strong relationships to other fields, such as: Women's Studies, Black Studies, and Legal Studies. Scholars of Ed Studies direct their inquiry specifically to sites of power production and reproduction. Powered dimensions of race, gender, sexuality, and class frequently emerge as central categories of scholarly analysis.

Please explore our program and see what Tufts' Educational Studies students have studied and how they are putting that learning to work.

Sabina Vaught
Director, Educational Studies