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Museum Education

As museum educators, we focus on audience engagement. It's an exciting time for us: The visitor's experience - all visitors, not just school children - is now central to museum decisions and activities. We're learning more and more about how people use museums and what they gain from them, and how museums can create experiences that address social, civic, and personal matters. The Master of Arts (MA) in Museum Education and graduate level Museum Studies Certificate Program prepare educators to work at the forefront of this exciting field.

Program Director
Cynthia Robinson

Welcome message from program director

The Museum Education Masters Program is one "door" into Tufts Museums Studies, an interdisciplinary program with "doors" through the education, history and art and art history departments, as well as through the graduate office for students seeking certificates in museum studies.

All of the doors open onto a rich selection of courses taught by museum professionals. You can learn more about these courses and the people who teach them at Museum Studies website.

Our program at Tufts stands apart from other museum studies programs because of the community created from this interdisciplinary structure. If accepted, you will join a group of 35 or so other emerging professionals with varied interests and skills who may become part of your lifelong network of colleagues and friends.

If you have questions after perusing these pages please contact me by email at cynthia.robinson@tufts.edu. To learn more about me, please visit my website.

Cynthia Robinson
Director, Museum Education