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Economics is one of the most popular undergraduate majors at Tufts. This popularity reflects the appeal of a discipline that applies formal analysis to real social problems.

Economics begins by building models of behavior, testing the models against empirical evidence, and modifying or extending them when they fail. The models that survive are used to understand economic events, to make predictions about the future, and to guide economic policy makers. Training in economics provides a solid background for many different career paths — from employment immediately after graduation to postgraduate study. It is particularly appropriate for those with interests in business, finance, law, or public policy. The Department of Economics is made up of teacher-scholars with Ph.D. degrees from leading graduate institutions. As reflected in the list of faculty members, the teaching and research interests of the faculty cover a wide variety of subject areas.

The starting point for the study of economics at Tufts is Principles of Economics (Economics 5). This one semester course is offered each semester, has no prerequisites, and is open to all students. Students wishing to use pre-college training in economics to place out of this course can review Advanced Placement and Acceleration Credit. Students wishing to transfer college-level coursework in economics can review Transfer of Credit.

The Department offers undergraduate programs that lead to a Minor in Economics, a Major in Economics, and a Major in Quantitative Economics. Both our Economics major and Quantitative Economics major carry STEM certification. The Department also offers a program leading to an M.S. in Economics that can often be completed with one additional year of course work. Financial aid in the form of tuition scholarships and teaching assistantships is available to well-prepared M.S. students. Please see the Graduate Program for more information about the M.S. program.

Review the Program Requirements for more details.