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Ph.D. Program in Economics and Public Policy

The Ph.D. in Economics and Public Policy is aimed at producing new scholars and policy-makers to address critical issues centered on economic development, the rising demand for energy associated with economic growth, and the environmental and climate consequences of such progress. The program blends training in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics with an understanding of institutional detail and political economy, giving students the tools necessary to address questions in economic development, energy and environmental policy within an interdisciplinary framework that is needed for policy effectiveness. We seek candidates with an interest in applied economics, focused on issues related to environment, development and political economy. A background in economics coursework is essential, and experience with applied research on one of the focal topics is an asset. We encourage applications from students interested in pursuing both academic and policy jobs following graduation. Dissertation research under faculty guidance will further train students in the practice of independent and original scholarship.