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Early Childhood Robotics Resources

The Early Childhood Robotics Network: The Early Childhood Robotics Network is a place to connect educators interested in using robotics in their early childhood classrooms. The website includes many useful resources such as: curriculum downloads, a help forum, teaching videos, and project videos.

Publications and Papers: For a list of publications related to the topic of robotics, please visit the DevTech Publications Page.

Robots In Action: Videos of KIWI & KIBO in the classroom

Everybody Dance Now- Various schools

Treasure Island- The Arthur D. Healey School

Me and My Community- East Boston Early Education Center

The Confused Robot - Eliot-Pearson Children’s School

Dances From Around the World - East Boston Early Education Center!

Hokey-Pokey & KIWI Projects - the Brown School, Somerville

The Sukkot Project - the Rashi School, Dedham

For more videos of robotics in the classroom, click here



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