DevTech Celebrated Computer Science Education Week!

December 5-11, 2016

Tufts Jumbo Learns to Code

Tufts Jumbo learns to code with ScratchJr and KIBO! We welcome educators, parents, and children alike to learn Powerful Ideas in coding with the Tufts Jumbo! We created 1 video per day of CS Ed Week teaching concepts like algorithms, modularity, control structures, and more. Happy coding!

Algorithms with ScratchJr

Modularity with KIBO


Control Structures with ScratchJr

Engineering Design Process with KIBO

Debugging with ScratchJr

Hour of Code

ScratchJr Teacher-Led Lesson Plans

1. Can I Make the Sun Set?

2. Can I Make a Spooky Forest?

3. Can I Make My Characters Greet Each Other?