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Wolf, M. (To appear, 2016) Letters to the Good Reader: The Contemplative Dimension in the Future Reading Brain. New York: Harper Collins.

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Seidenberg, M. (2016). Language at the speed of sight: How we read, why so many can't and what can be done about it.

Academic Articles

Homework for Struggling Readers

Orkin, M., May, S., & Wolf, M. (2017). How Parental Support During Homework Contributes to Helpless Behaviors Among Struggling Readers. Reading Psychology, 1-36.

Early Markers of Developmental Dyslexia

Ozernov-Palchik, O., & Gaab, N. (2016). Tackling the 'dyslexia paradox': reading brain and behavior for early markers of developmental dyslexia. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science, 7(2), 156-176.

Double Deficit

Wolf, M., Goldberg O'Rourke, A., Gidney, C., Lovett, M., Cirino, P., & Morris, R. (2002). The second deficit: An investigation of the independence of phonological and naming-speed deficits in developmental dyslexia. Reading and Writing, 15, 43-72.

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Naming Speed and Reading Fluency

Norton, E. S., & Wolf, M. (2012). Rapid automatized naming (RAN) and reading fluency: Implications for understanding and treatment of reading disabilities. Annual review of psychology, 63, 427-452.

Naming Speed Deficits Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Fluency

Wolf, M. & Katzir-Cohen, T. (2001). Reading fluency and its intervention. Scientific Studies of Reading, 5, 211-238. (Special Issue on Fluency. Editors: E. Kameenui & D. Simmons)

RAVE-O Framework & Efficacy

Morris, R.D., Lovett, M.W., Wolf, M., Sevcik, R.A., Steinbach, K.A., Frijters, J.C., & Shapiro, M. (2011). Multiple-component remediation for developmental reading disabilities: IQ, SES, and Race as factors on remedial outcome. Journal of Learning Disabilities.Volume XX(X), May 5, 2010, pp 1-29.

Wolf, M., Barzillai, M., Miller, L., Gottwald, S., Spencer, K., Norton, E. (2009). The RAVE-O Intervention: Connecting neuroscience to classroom practice. Mind, Brain, and Education. Special Issue. 3(2), p. 84-93

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