3. Atomic and Subatomic Particles

Fig. 3.1.
Fig3_1 The helium atom
Fig. 3.2.
Fig3_2 Random and ordered motion
Fig. 3.3.
Fig3_3 Maxwell Distribution of Particle Speeds
Fig. 3.4.
Fig3_4 Earth's layered atmosphere
Fig. 3.5.
Fig3_5 States of Matter
Fig. 3.6.
Fig3_6 Internal compression of the Sun
Fig. 3.7.
Fig3_7 Spectroheliograph
Fig. 3.8.
Fig3_8 Absorption and Emission Lines
Fig. 3.9.
Fig3_9 Element abundance in solar photosphere
Fig. 3.10.
Fig3_10 Balmer line of hydrogen
Fig. 3.11.
Fig3_11 Bohr atom
Fig. 3.12.
Fig3_12 Doppler effect
Fig. 3.13.
Fig3_13 Effects that broaden spectral line

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