2. The new, close-up view from space

Fig. 2.1.
Lunar rover
Fig. 2.2.
First visit to Mercury
Fig. 2.3.
Grand tour of Voyager 1 and 2
Fig. 2.4.
New perspectives of the giant planets
Fig. 2.5.
Giant Jupiterís clouds
Fig. 2.6.
Ringed Saturn with icy moons
Fig. 2.7.
The black heart of comet Halley
Fig. 2.8.
Mosaic of Mars
Fig. 2.9.
Venus unveiled with radar
Fig. 2.10.
Galileo's long flight to Jupiter
Fig. 2.11.a
Asteroids close up
Fig. 2.11.b
Asteroids close up
Fig. 2.12.
Giant red spot and Galilean satellites
Fig. 2.13.
In Saturnís shadow
Fig. 2.14.
Mars Pathfinder lands on an ancient flood plain
Fig. 2.15.
Flood debris on Mars
Fig. 2.16.
Methane flows on Titan
Fig. 2.17.
Craters on Jupiterís moon Callisto
Fig. 2.18.
Varying crater rate on the Earthís Moon
Fig. 2.19.
Lunar crater Timocharis
Fig. 2.20.
Cross-sectional anatomy of a crater
Fig. 2.21.
The Moon's Apennine mountains
Fig. 2.22.
Mercuryís Caloris impact basin
Fig. 2.23.
Explosive impact on Mercury
Fig. 2.24.
Material ejected from impacts on Mars
Fig. 2.25.
Aurelia impact crater on Venus
Fig. 2.26.
Hawaiian Islands
Fig. 2.27.
Nyiragongo volcano flow in Africa
Fig. 2.28.
Lava flows in a lunar maria
Fig. 2.29.
Volcanic activity on Mercury
Fig. 2.30.
Maat Mons a volcano on Venus
Fig. 2.31.
Pancake domes on Venus
Fig. 2.32.
Olympus Mons a volcano on Mars
Fig. 2.33.
Volcanic activity on Io
Fig. 2.34.
Lava flows on Jupiter's satellite Io
Fig. 2.35.
Jupiter's satellite Europa
Fig. 2.36.
Water oozes out from Jupiterís moon Europa
Fig. 2.37.
Saturn's satellite Enceladus
Fig. 2.38.
Ice plumes on Saturnís moon Enceladus
Fig. 2.39.
Triton's dark plumes and streaks
Fig. 2.40.
Earth, the water planet
Fig. 2.41.
Streamlined islands on Mars
Fig. 2.42.
Ancient water flow in Marsí Ares Vallis
Fig. 2.43.
Highs and lows of Marsí topography
Fig. 2.44.
Nirgal Vallis on Mars
Fig. 2.45.
Jupiter's satellite Ganymede
Fig. 2.1.
Fig2_1 Kepler first second
Fig. 2.2.
Fig2_2 Kepler third
Fig. 2.3.
Fig2_3 Tides
Fig. 2.4.
Fig2_4 Spring and neap tides
Fig. 2.5.
Fig2_5 Roche limit
Fig. 2.6.
Fig2_6 Mercury precession
Fig. 2.7.
Fig2_7 Space curvature

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