1. Good Day Sunshine

Fire of life

The Sun is our powerhouse, sustaining life on Earth. It energizes our planet and fuels the engine of life. The Sun warms our world, keeping the temperature at a level that allows liquid water to exist and keeps the Earth teeming with life. Without the Sunís light and heat, all life would quickly vanish from the surface of our planet.

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The Sun is not only warmth, it is light to. The miracle of plants is their ability to use sunlight to make them grow (Fig. 1.1), and in doing so they create another miracle. Using photosynthesis, plants use the Sunís energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, which releases the oxygen animals breath. Animals also eat these plants for nourishment. The warmth in every animalís body was once sunlight. We all owe our lives to this savage Sun.

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