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NASA's Cosmos provides comprehensive accounts of the most recent discoveries about the planets, their satellites, the Sun, and other bodies in the solar system, based primarily on NASA space missions. Funding for this site is provided by NASA's Applied Information Systems Research Program, and the University College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts.

To explore the five main segments of NASA's Cosmos - Planets and Moons, Asteroids and Comets, Search For Life, Human Impact, Sun - click on the appropriate navigation tab above.

Within each segment, numerous topics related to that segment will be listed along the left sidebar. Each topic has the following content areas associated with it, accessible from the top:

  • Overview: provides key ideas and fundamental discoveries in a capsule form.
  • Tutorial: provides text and figures, abridged from the author's lengthier books described below.
  • Images: provides more than 400 close-up, high-resolution images from spacecraft and more than 100 line drawings.
  • Print: provides a printable version of the current content area.

The home pages of the relevant space missions and other related sites are located by clicking on Resources at the top of any page.

Textual materials, figure legends, and images contained in NASA's Cosmos are excerpted from the following books authored by Professor Ken Lang of Tufts University and published by Cambridge University Press.

Cover of the Cambridge Guide to the Solar System Cover of Sun, Earth, and Sky Cover of The Life and Death of Stars

Cambridge Guide to the Solar Sytem
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Sun, Earth, and Sky
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The Life and Death of Stars
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