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Research Highlights: Student/Alumni

"Addressing Youth-Focused Research Questions in a Community Context: Collecting and Integrating Mixed Methods Data at Multiple Ecological Levels with the PhotoStories Project"
[ pdf ]
Ravali Mukthineni '18
with Shalini Tendulkar (2020) Journal of Mixed Methods Research. Advance Online Publication.

"Understanding Health Priorities, Behaviors, and Service Utilization Among Brazilian Immigrant Women: Implications for Designing Community-Based Interventions"
[ pdf ]
Stacy Chen '21; Amy Kaplan '21; Rebecca Rose '23
with Jennifer Allen and Alecia McGregor (2020) Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

"Organizational characteristics conducive to the implementation of health programs among Latino churches"
[ pdf ]
Lindsay Kephart '11
with Jennifer Allen (2020) Implementation Science Communications, Biomed Central

"Perspectives on Initiating Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships"
[ pdf ]
Zhang, Emily '16; Yigletu, Seblewongel '20; Lieberman, Hannah '16; Mukthineni, Ravali '18
with Shalini Tendulkar and Karen Kosinski (2020) Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship

"Barriers, facilitators, and disparities in retention for adolescents in treatment for substance use disorders: a qualitative study with treatment providers"
[ pdf ]
Nellie Harvey '18 and Maureen Kamanu '20
with Andrea Acevedo and Shalini Tendulkar (June 2020) Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy

"Rural Ghanian households are more likely to use alternative unimproved water sources when water from boreholes has undesirable organ organoleptic characteristics"
[ pdf ]
Michelle Sodipo '17 and Olivia Schultes '18
with Karen Kosinski (2020) International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health

"Advance Care Planning Among Older Adults with Advanced Non-Dialysis-Dependent CKD and Their Care Partners: Perception vs Reality"
[ pdf ]
Tira Oskoui '19
with Keren Ladin (March 2020) Kidney Medicine

"Health Inequities Among Latinos/Hispanics: Documentation Status as a Determinant of Health"
[ pdf ]
Jacqueline Cabral '19
Adolfo G. Cuevas (February 2020) Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

"Association Between Patient-Provider Racial and Ethnic Concordance and Patient-Centered Communication in Outpatient Mental Health Clinics"
[ pdf ]
Christin Mujica '17
Alvarez K., Tendulkar S., Cruz-Gonzalez, M., & Alegria M. (January 2020) Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

"It's a hard thing to manage when you're homeless": the impact of the social environment on smoking cessation for smokers experiencing homelessness
[ DOI | pdf ]
Claire Pernat '20
Rebekah Pratt, Claire Pernat, Kinda, Linda Kerandi, et al. (2019) BMC Public Health

Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Free Summer Meal Participation Among Parents in New York City
[ DOI | pdf ]
Allison Kannam '18
Allison Kannam, BA; Norbert L. W. Wilson, PhD; Virginia R. Chomitz PhD; Keren Ladin, PhD (2019) Journal of Nutrition and Behavior

Twenty-Two years of dengue fever (1996-2017): an epidemiological study in a Brazilian city
[ DOI | pdf ]
Olivia Schultes '18 Fulbright Research Grantee at The Fulbright Program
Natalia Bruna Dias Campos et al. 2019 International Journal of Environmental Health Research

HCV treatment access among Latinxs who inject drugs: qualitative findings from Boston, Massachusetts, 2016
[ DOI | pdf ]
Avni Mittal '17
Avni Mittal, Karen C Kosinski, Thomas J. Stopka (2019) Harm Reduction Journal

Assessment of urogenital schistosomiasis knowledge among primary and junior high school students in the Eastern Region of Ghana: A cross-sectional study
[ DOI | pdf ]
Rachel Martel '17
Rachel A Martel, Bernard Gyamfi Osei, Alexandra V. Kulinkina, Elena N. Naumova, Abdul Asis Abdulai, David Tybor, Karen Claire Kosinski (2019) Plos One

Characterizing Approaches to Dialysis Decision Making with Older Adults, A Qualitative Study of Nephrologists
[ pdf ]
CH Students Publish Paper with Dr. Keren Ladin
Keren Ladin, Renuka Pandya, Ronald D. Perrone, Klemens B. Meyer, Allison Kannam, Rohini Loke, Tira Oskoui, Daniel E. Weiner, and John B. Wong. (2018)
CJASN ePress. Published on July 26, 2018 as doi: 10.2215/CJN.01740218

Community-Based Participatory Research Collaboration between the Medford Family Network and Tufts University
Students from Spring 2018 CH 182 will present their abstract at the 2018 APHA Conference: Community-Based Participatory Research Collaboration with the Medford Family Network.

2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium - Community Health Presenters
Mama We Made It?: Mental Health of Black Undergraduates at Predominantly White Institutions in Boston
Fatima M. Ajose, 2018, Community Health & Africana Studies
Dr. Shalini Tendulkar, Community Health
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The Effect of Homelessness and Gender on Indicators of Severity and Comorbidity in Admissions to Substance Use Disorder Services
Diane M. Arnos, 2018, Biology, Community Health
Andrea Acevedo, Community Health
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Use of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure to Predict Schistosomiasis, Malaria, and Diarrheal Disease in the 216 Ghanaian Districts
Sara I. Banbury, 2018, Community Health
Karen Kosinski, Community Health
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Post-Treatment Disparities in Arrests for Individuals with an Alcohol Use Disorders
Michelle Delk, 2020, Community Health
Andrea Acevedo, Community Health
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The Role of Summer Meal Programs for New York City Parents
Allison V. Kannam, 2018, Community Health
Keren Ladin, Occupational Therapy
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A 3D Bioengineered Model of Intestinal Immunity to Modulate Pathogen Transcytosis
Harry T. Paul, 2019, Biochemistry & Community Health
Dr. David Kaplan, Biomedical Engineering
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Borehole Functionality by Management and Spatial Characteristics in the Eastern Region, Ghana
Olivia L. Schultes, 2018, Community Health
Karen Kosinski, Community Health
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Lessons Learned from a Community-Based Participatory Research Collaboration between the Medford Family Network and Tufts University
Seblewongel Yigletu, 2020, Community Health
Shalini Tendulkar, Community Health
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Partnering with North Suffolk Mental Health to Increase Access to Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment
YooJin Yoon, 2019, Biology & Community Health
Kelly Irwin, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Outcomes Research Program (CORe)
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