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Major in Community Health

Summary of Course Requirements for students completing the stand-alone primary major in CH

Community Health (CH) majors are required to complete 12 courses, as described below.

Seven (7) Core Courses

CH majors must complete the following seven (7) core course requirements:

  • CH 1: Introduction to Community Health
  • CH 2: Health Care in America
  • CH 11 (formerly CH 56): Introduction to Global Health
  • CH 30: Community Health Research Methods
  • CH 31: Introduction to Statistics for Health Applications (or approved alternative – see link to full Course Requirements sheet)
  • CH 34 (formerly CH 154): Fundamentals of Epidemiology/Principles of Epidemiology
  • CH 140 (formerly CH 180): Internship *

*Students must successfully complete CH1, CH2, CH30 and CH31/CH36 prior to the internship. Open to second semester juniors and to all seniors.

Five Elective Courses (must complete a total of 5 credits)

CH majors are required to select and complete five electives as follows. See link to full Course Requirements sheet for a list of all electives.

  • One mid-level or upper-level CH elective (select from groups #1 or #2)
  • One upper-level CH elective (select from group #2)
  • Two CH or approved electives in another department or program (select from groups #1-4)
  • One upper-level approved elective with a research component (select from group #4)

* Download PDF of CH Major Requirements >

No course submitted for credit in the major can be taken on a pass/fail basis.

Academic Standing
All courses submitted for credit in the major must be passed with a C- or better, with the exception of the internship. The internship (CH 140) must be passed with a B- or better.