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Faculty and Advisors

CH Advisors

Your CH Advisor can offer you guidance on academic or professional matters such as course selection, academic questions and concerns, programs abroad, graduate school, or career options/goals. Additionally, you will need to meet with your advisor from time to time to obtain signatures for certain university documents. It is important to keep your advisor informed of your interests and activities.

You will be assigned to an advisor by contacting the Administrative Assistant, Laura Pinkham laura.pinkham@tufts.edu. Learn more about declaring the CH major.

Current List of Advisors

Jennifer Allen
Department of Community Health
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 211-D1
Email: jennifer.allen@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-0366

Dr. Allen's research focuses on the development, implementation, and evaluation of community-based interventions to prevent and control chronic disease (particularly cancer) in underserved populations, with an ultimate goal of reducing health disparities. Her work emphasizes community-based participatory approaches to identify community needs and build capacity to implement community-driven solutions. Her work also includes the design of innovative strategies for ensuring wide-scale and equitable dissemination of evidence-based interventions to address health disparities. She is currently working on a number of studies that involve the development and testing of web-applications and social media to disseminate health information.

Madina Agénor
Gerald R. Gill Assistant Professor of Race, Culture, and Society
Department of Community Health
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 211-D2
Email: madina.agenor@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-5744

Dr. Agénor's research examines how patient-, provider-, and policy-level factors influence sexual and reproductive health care and cancer screening and prevention inequities related to sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, gender identity, nativity, and their intersections. She is the Principal Investigator of a National Cancer Institute career development award examining how policy- and provider-level factors influence sexual orientation and racial/ethnic disparities in human papillomavirus vaccination among young women, a Society of Family Planning small research grant on the reproductive health perceptions, preferences, and experiences of transmasculine young adults, and a National Institute of Mental Health pilot award investigating the social determinants of HIV/STI testing among transmasculine people of color. Dr. AgĂ©nor holds a Doctor of Science (ScD) in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where she completed postdoctoral training in cancer prevention and control and health equity, and a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Andrea Acevedo
Assistant Professor
Department of Community Health
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 208
Email: andrea.acevedo@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-2151

Dr. Acevedo's research focuses on racial/ethnic inequalities in the access to and quality of health services, particularly those related to alcohol and drug use disorders.
Dr. Acevedo is currently working on studies examining how community characteristics may impact inequities in substance abuse treatment quality and outcomes, and on providers' perspectives on adolescent treatment inequities. She is also a co-investigator on a study examining the impact of provider-level interventions to improve treatment quality. She has worked on quality issues in other areas, as well, including collaborating on a study to understand ways of improving nursing home quality reports to meet the needs of minority community members.
Dr. Acevedo received her Ph.D. in Social Policy with a concentration in behavioral health services and policy from Brandeis University, and her Masters of Science in Public Health, in Health and Social Behavior, from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Adolfo Cuevas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Community Health
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 211G
Medford MA 02155
Email: adolfo.cuevas@tufts.edu

Dr. Cuevas is primarily interested in the effects of acute and chronic life stressors on physical and psychological health. He has received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Cancer Disparities Research Network to investigate the biobehavioral pathways linking psychosocial stress and overweight/obesity among Hispanic/Latinos and Black Americans. The culmination of this work will lead to the development of effective community-based interventions to strengthen health-related resources that are available within neighborhood environments.

Dr. Cuevas is Director of the Psychosocial Determinants of Health (PSDH) Lab at Tufts University.

Karen C. Kosinski
Department of Community Health
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 208
Email: karen.kosinski@tufts.edu
Phone 617-627-4812

Dr. Kosinski focuses her research on tropical parasitic diseases and on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure. She is interested in the primary prevention of infectious diseases through community-directed interventions. Dr. Kosinski has conducted research in 75 communities in the Eastern Region of Ghana and has generally focused on the prevention of urogenital schistosomiasis. Dr. Kosinski holds an MSPH from Tulane University and a PhD in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from Tufts University.

Keren Ladin
Assistant Professor
Departments of Community Health and Occupational Therapy

574 Boston Avenue, Suite 2016
Email: keren.ladin@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-5931

Dr. Ladin's research examines how social networks affect health and health care decision-making. Specifically, her research examines socioeconomic and disparities in transplantation, immigrant health, mental health treatment, and aging. She completed her Ph.D. in Health Policy and Ethics at Harvard University, and holds a Master's degree in Population and International Health from the Harvard School of Public Health. Prof. Ladin is also the Director of the Lab for Research on Ethics, Aging, and Community Health (REACH Lab) at Tufts University. She is available to advise students with particular interests in occupational therapy or other health professions, ethics, or health disparities.

Alecia McGregor
Assistant Professor
Department of Community Health
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 208
Email: alecia.mcgregor@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-4276

Dr. McGregor's research focuses on health inequalities and the political determinants of health. She has done work on HIV/AIDS disparities, religion and public opinion, mental health and substance abuse policy, and urban health policies; and her research draws on multiple approaches including quantitative, qualitative, comparative, and survey analyses. Her doctoral dissertation analyzed the politics of health care provision in both the United States and Brazil. Currently, she is researching the drivers and consequences of hospital closures in the U.S., and the politics of drug treatment policy in the U.S. and Brazil.

Dr. McGregor earned her Ph.D. in Health Policy from Harvard University in 2014, where she received a certificate in Latin American Studies and was a National Institute of Mental Health trainee. From 2014 to 2016 she was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Center for Health and Wellbeing at Princeton University. At Princeton, she helped launch an initiative on Race, Inequality and Health Policy in the United States.

Lynne Pepall, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Community Health
Professor, Department of Economics
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 208
Email: lynne.pepall@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-5477

Professor Pepall's primary field of research is industrial organization. She has published her work in many journals including Economic Journal, Journal of Business, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Industrial Economics, and Review of Industrial Organization. She is the author (with Tufts Economics professors Dan Richards and George Norman) of the textbook 'Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Empirical Applications.'

Shalini Tendulkar
Department of Community Health
574 Boston Avenue, Suite 208
Email: shalini.tendulkar@tufts.edu
Phone: 617-627-5445

Dr. Tendulkar's interests include community-based participatory research, program evaluation, community interventions research and health disparities research and interventions work with immigrant and minority communities. She has a particular interest in research and evaluation projects done in partnership with communities and community-based organizations and encourages students to critically assess and be mindful of the translation of research and evaluation into practice.