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What CH Alums have to say about us:

"I feel very prepared for these next two years, and that is thanks to your guidance, support and teaching. You have taught me so much about community health that I utilize in my work every day and will continue to think about in the future."

"...the class that really changed the way I approach problems was Introduction to Community Health with Professor Jennifer Allen. If it hadn't been for that class I may never have become a Community Health Major, nor would I have learned about the complex social, political, economic, and medical determinants of health that affect much more than just health." Read more >

"The Community Health program was an opportunity for me to extend the skills that I had learned in other disciplines to a new field. Courses in the CH program and challenging and diverse, often providing new perspectives on relevant issues. Dedicated faculty along with a wealth of research and internship opportunities make the CH program a great jumping off point at Tufts."

"Along with half my freshman class I thought medicine was my professional future. However, after researching marketing strategies in the tobacco industry targeting women and studying racial disparities in health care, I quickly shed my narrow view of health. I am determined to find a career that will allow me to apply what I learned in the CH - a blend of health, policy, and curiosity. Recently, a director at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene told me that she hired me because, during my interview, I spoke so passionately about my education and experience in the CHP. Of course, this makes complete sense. Every Community Health class I took communicated enthusiasm and I quickly developed strong relationships with professors that I have no doubt will continue for the rest of my life."

"Working and studying public health, one quickly starts to see the many places where health, care, and community intersect. As a student of community health I learned that healthy choices are made everywhere: at home, at the park, at the coffee shop, even on your iPhone. There are so many ways to take part in working to improve health in our communities that it can become overhwleming to choose just one. The Community Health Program not only gave me the foundational knowledge to understand the interplay between health, communities, and the environment, it supported me throughout my time at Tufts by allowing me to study the many aspects of health and care that matter to me. Because of the real world experiences CHP allowed me to pursue I can do more than see opportunities for improving health and wellness — I have been able to take an active role in making diverse communities healthier places to live and play!"

"I loved CHP! CHP brought together all of my interests in health, history, social justice and policy into a vibrant and challenging curriculum from which I still draw today. Now, as a nurse practitioner, I particularly lean on the foundation I received in CHP on the social determinants of health, health law and policy, addiction, and nutrition."

"The diverse curriculum of the Community Health Program provided me with a foundation of skills and knowledge that I continue to utilizes as I further my education in this field. The Community Health Program is unique in that it truly fosters individual growth."

"When you go to work for the IRS immediately after college, it feels as far away from Community Health as possible. However, I realized that I was able to work far more effectively with taxpayers of all economic and cultural backgrounds by appropriately valuing their life context into our meetings. Now, in my work with a private foundation, I am delving into issues surrounding access and opportunity in New York communities, specifically related to healthy food. It is exciting to strategize around philanthropic impact on issues that I studied in my Community Health classes and to see the experience from my internship and various projects paying off."

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