Positions at the Center

The Center hosts Visiting Fellows and Research Associates for varying periods of time, ranging from a few weeks to a semester or academic year. Visiting Fellows provide their own funding, while Research Associates receive a modest stipend. Both are provided with library and clerical support during their period at the Center. Research Associates are typically advanced graduate students working on dissertations, or engaging in related research, under the formal or informal supervision of the Director or others at the Center. There is no regularly scheduled competition for these positions, which arise as research projects (and funding) develop. Those interested in being considered for a current or future position should write to the Director, including a curriculum vitae and a description of the research project(s) proposed or under way. If and when a suitable position becomes open, all qualified applicants among those who have expressed interest will be informed in time to submit a formal application, arrange for letters of recommendation, and coordinate plans with home institutions, etc.