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Future content will include supplementary material from my memoir Name TBA, such as:

Over thirty video interviews with Enoch Lambert, my post-doc, going deeper than the book into episodes and themes in my work, mainly of interest to philosophers and cognitive scientists. These are described in an inventory that permits searching.

The Tufts Symposium on AI and evolution, with Marvin Minsky, Seymour Papert, Murray Gell Mann, David Haig, Karl Sims, Patty Maes, Sherry Turkle, Kevin Kelly, Rodney Brooks, Oliver Selfridge, and [MIT Prof?]

Hundreds [?] of videos of talks and interviews.

Moonlight Waltz

All my recent (21st century) published articles.

[and much much more!]

Mysterious Robot - 70 years old and still UNSOLVED! - Tati the Cybernetic Dog