Errata in Freedom Evolves :

p53. In the earliest printing of the book, the last word is "microseconds" and should be "milliseconds". This was an error caught in page proofs but not corrected in production.

p138. Robert French's program is Tabletop, not Tabletalk.

p295. "Many thousands of birds have lived their lives with a colored band on one leg, and perhaps as many mammals have conducted their affairs with numbered metal tags quite visible in their ears, and so far as anyone can tell, these markers do not interfere seriously with their lives, neither diminishing nor enhancing their opportunities." This is false, as David Haig has pointed out to me. Research by Nancy Tyler Burley and others has found significant preferences for bird-band color on males among female finches in several species. For a recent overview, see Burley, N. T. and Symanski, R. (1998) "A taste for the beautiful": latent aesthetic mate preference for white crests in two species of Australian grassfinches. American Naturalist 152: 792-802.

p322. The paper by Don Ross and Paul Dumouchel should be cited as follows: Don Ross and Paul Dumouchel, "Emotions as Strategic Goals," 2004, published in Rationality and Society 16: 251-286 and 307-318. Reprints can be obtained by writing to or by visiting One may also contact Don Ross at