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Undergraduate Program

Declaring a Major

For Classical Studies, Greek, Latin , Greek & Latin or Archaeology

Any full-time member of the department can serve as your advisor. Try to meet as many of us as possible to talk about your own goals and expectations. Then select as an advisor the faculty member who seems most attuned to your interests.

Once you have selected your faculty advisor, follow these easy steps to declare your new major:

  1. Fill out the university "Declaration of Major" form, available on the Registrar's website.
  2. Have your current (pre-major) advisor sign the Declaration of Major form.
  3. Meet with your proposed, new Classics advisor, and have him/her sign your Declaration of Major form.
  4. Bring a complete copy of the Declaration of Major form to the Classics Department Administrator. Return the original form to the Dean of Advising Office, Dowling Hall. You have now officially declared a major!

Double majors: Follow the same process as above but make sure both of your major departments have copies of your form and/or file.

  • Any full-time member of the Classics faculty can act as advisor for those declaring a major in Classics Studies, Greek, Latin or Greek & Latin.
  • Any full-time member of the Archaeology faculty can act as advisor for majors in Archaeology.