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Welcome to the Department of Classics at Tufts University!

The Department of Classics is dedicated to the study of Greek and Roman culture and to clarifying and assessing its continuing impact on contemporary life. Classics is more than the study of the Greek and Latin languages; it can liberate the student from the parochialisms of both time and place. The role of the contemporary individual in relation to society can be examined through the history, archaeology, art, architecture, science, philosophy, religion, mythology, and especially through the literatures of Greece and Rome.

Classics constitutes an interdisciplinary study of the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, Near East, and Europe. Despite the period of antiquity in which it concentrates, the field of classics is constantly changing in light of new discoveries, new methodologies, new interpretations, and new relationships with other areas of study. In many ways classics offers the undergraduate student an ideal educational opportunity to integrate different fields and methodologies, and to study intrinsically interesting and time-tested topics in the literature, mythology, art, archaeology, history, and science of Greece and Rome.

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