Arthur L. Utz

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Tufts University

Medford, MA 02155
Office: (617) 627-3473
Lab: (617) 627-3115
FAX: (617) 627-3443


B.S., 1983, Bradley University
Ph. D., 1991, University of Wisconsin
Thesis Advisor: Professor F. Fleming Crim
Thesis Title: Laser-Double-Resonance Studies of State Mixing, Energy Transfer, and Electronic Spectroscopy in Highly Vibrationally Excited Acetylene

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1990 - 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral Advisor: Professor Sylvia T. Ceyer
Research focused on the unique chemistry of bulk (interstitial) hydrogen in hydrogenation reactions on nickel surfaces.

Assistant Professor, 1994 - 2000; Associate Professor, 2000 - Present , Tufts University
Research interests include gas-surface reaction dynamics, mechanisms for heterogeneous catalysis, and the use of vibrational and translational energy as synthetic tools in materials chemistry


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