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Tufts Annual Safety Training
Cryogen Safety
Carbon Monoxide Safety
CO Dose Checklist


Outreach Presentation
High School STM Lesson Plan
How STM Works Activity
Graphite Step Edge Activity
Model Surface Description


How to TPD
TPD Lecture
Lucas Carlson STM Presentation
SEM Image of Tip
Tip Etching
Spectroscopic Techniques for Probing Solid Surfaces
Pressures and Pumps
Working in UHV
Electrochemical STM
LT-STM Do's and Don'ts


How STM Works
Particle in a Box
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Gas Adsorption on Surfaces
Fourier Transform
Alloying Basics
Base Pressure Data

Surface Visualization:

Surface Explorer
Herringbone Reconstruction (Symmetry and Elbows)
Herringbone Reconstruction (Steps and Stacking)
Herringbone Reconstruction (Brief)

Data Analysis:

Error Analysis
Calculating and Applying Gains
Making STM Movies


Authorship Guidelines
Tense Rules

Indroductory Reading for New Students (increasing in order of content):

"Surfaces" by Gary Attard and Colin Barnes
"The Basis and Applications of Heterogenous Catalysis" by Michael Bowker
"Surface Chemistry" by Elaine M. McCash
"Surface Science" by Kurt W. Kolasinski
Theory Review: "Density Functional Theory in Surface Chemistry and Catalysis"
Catalysis Fundamentals Review: "The Bronsted–Evans–Polanyi Relation and the Volcano Curve in Heterogeneous Catalysis"
Surface Chirality Review: "Surface Chemistry for Enantioselective Catalysis"
Molecular Motors Review: "Introduction to the Physics of Brownian Motors"
Proposals on the N: Drive and the Refs there in