Nanosurf© easyscan 2 STM

Device Specifications:

Ambient STM scan head

60 ms/line max scan speed (at 128 points per line)
Low current scanhead at 0.02 nA
500 nm max scan area
+/- 10V potential range


The easyscan offers high quality images in an a surprisingly portable container. The entire apparatus weighing well under 20 pounds, we are able to easily transport the device to lectures, demonstrations, and outreach programs at local schools. The image quality has proven sufficient to publish [1,2], and the low current scan head has enables us to studying self assembled monolayers at the ambient conditions offered by the device.

[1] M. Hadi Zareie and Philip B. Lukins, Atomic-resolution STM structure of DNA and localization of the retinoic acid binding site, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Volume 303, Issue 1 (2003) 153-159.
[2] P. Simonis, C. Goffaux, P.A. Thiry, L.P. Biro, Ph. Lambin, V. Meunier, STM study of a grain boundary in graphite, Surface Science 511 (2002) 319–322.