Variable Temperature, Ultra-High Vacuum STM

Device Specifications:

Omicron ultra-high vacuum variable temperature STM Setup

STM Chamber:

Temperature Range: 30 - 500 K
Z resolution: 0.005 nm
Gap Voltage: +/- 5 mV to 10 V
Tunneling Current: <1 pA to 300 nA
Pressure: down to 1x10-11 mbar
X, Y course range: 10mm x 10mm

Prep Chamber:

Argon Cation Sputtering Gun
Electron Bombardment Sample Heater
Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
PSP XPS with 5 channel detector



Figure 1: Au(111) 22 x √3 reconstruction taken at
100 pA and a tip bias of 0.3 V. Image area is
100 nm x 91 nm and was taken at room temp.

Figure 2: Au(111) with a couple soliton walls visible.
Taken at 200 pA with a tip bias of -0.3V at room temp.
Image size is 10 nm x 10 nm

Figure 3: Sulfur arranged in c(2 x 2) formation on a
curved Ni(100) crystal. Taken at room temp with
10 pA and 0.5 V tip bias conditions. Image size is
15 nm x 15 nm.

Figure 4: Ni(100)-(2 x 2)p4gC "Clock" Reconstruction.
Taken at room temp with 100 pA and 0.2 V tip bias.
Image size is 13 nm x 13 nm.