Yu-Shan Lin
Tufts Chemistry


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Yu-Shan Lin
Department of Chemistry
Tufts University
62 Talbot Avenue Pearson 103-X
Medford, MA 02155

Email: yu-shan.lin@tufts.edu

Group members

Postdoctoral scholars

Dr. Arghya Ghosh (arghya.ghosh at tufts.edu, 2022–)
B.S., Chemistry, Visva-Bharati University, India
M.S., Chemistry, Visva-Bharati University, India
M.S., Chemistry, University of Louisville
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Louisville

Dr. Jiayuan Miao (jiayuan.miao at tufts.edu, 2017–)
B.S., Physics, Shandong University, China
M.S., Experimental High Energy Physics, Shandong University, China
Ph.D., Physics, Case Western Reserve University
ORCID 0000-0003-1112-1927

Graduate students

Nomindari Bayaraa (nomindari.bayaraa at tufts.edu, 2021–)
B.S., Chemistry, Columbia College

Jovan Damjanovic (jovan.damjanovic at tufts.edu, 2018–)
B.A., Chemistry and Mathematics, Amherst College
ORCID 0000-0002-6019-4738
Chemistry Departmental TA Award, 2019
ACS COMP Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award for Graduate Students, 2021

Francini Fonseca (francini.fonseca at tufts.edu, 2017–)
B.S., Chemistry, Worcester State College
ORCID 0000-0003-1900-8697

Minh Ho (minh.ho at tufts.edu, 2021–)
B.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (with minor in Chemistry), University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tiffani Hui (tiffani.hui at tufts.edu, 2020–)
B.A., Biochemistry (with minor in Mathematics), Wellesley College

Undergraduate student

Marc Descoteaux (marc.descoteaux at tufts.edu, 2021–)
Senior, Chemical Physics
Summer Scholar, 2021
ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry, 2022


Dr. Jennifer Mortensen
Postdoctoral scholar 2020–2022.
Jennifer is currently a teaching assistant professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Kevin Schult
Undergraduate researcher (Biochemistry) 2019–2022 (sophomore–senior).
Kevin was a 2020 Beckman Scholar at Tufts.
Kevin is currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at Harvard.

Yingjie (Tim) Ling
Undergraduate researcher (Computer Science) 2019–2021 (junior–senior).
Tim was a 2019 Laidlaw Scholar at Tufts.
Tim is currently a master student in the Department of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Stephanie Kearing
Master student (Chemistry) 2019–2020.
Steph is currently a senior chemist at Jordi Labs.

Omeir Khan
Undergraduate researcher (Chemistry) 2018–2020 (junior–senior).
Omeir was a 2019 Summer Scholar at Tufts.
Omeir is currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at BU.

Aidan Fike
Undergraduate researcher (Computer Science and Physics) 2018–2020 (junior–senior).
Aidan was a 2019 Beckman Scholar at Tufts.
Aidan is currently a software engineer at Ab Initio Software.

Dr. He (Agnes) Huang
Postdoctoral scholar 2018–2020.
Agnes is currently an application scientist at OpenEye Scientific Software.

Eric Chen
Undergraduate researcher (Biochemistry) 2017–2019 (junior–senior).
Eric was a 2018 Summer Scholar at Tufts.
Eric is currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at NYU.

Steph Xu
Undergraduate researcher (Computer Science) 2017–2019 (junior–senior).
Steph is currently a software engineer at Microsoft.

Arya Mekkat
Undergraduate researcher (Math) 2015–2018 (first-year–senior).
Arya was a 2017 Summer Scholar at Tufts.
Arya is currently a medical student at BU.

Dr. Diana Slough
Graduate student (Chemistry) 2012–2017.
Diana is currently a simulation lead at Roivant Sciences.

Dr. Sean McHugh
Graduate student (Chemistry) 2012–2017.
Sean is currently a senior consultant at EQUITAS Life Sciences.

Dan McKeen
Undergraduate researcher 2016–2017 (sophomore).

Mong Touch
Graduate student 2016–2017.

Dr. Hongtao Yu
Postdoctoral scholar 2012–2017.
Hongtao is currently an applied scientist at Amazon Lab126.

Zach Graziano
Undergraduate researcher 2015–2016 (sophomore–junior).
Zach was a 2016 Summer Scholar at Tufts.
Zach is currently a senior software engineer at Appcues.

Dr. Julia Rogers
Undergraduate researcher (Chemistry and Biotechnology) 2014–2016 (junior–senior).
Julia was a 2015 Beckman Scholar at Tufts.
Julia went on to the Department of Chemistry at UC Berkeley for graduate school. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University.

Sarah Solomon
Master student (Chemistry) 2014–2016.
Sarah is currently an associate scientist at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

Diana Gooding
Master student 2014–2015.

Joshua Levy
Undergraduate researcher (Applied Math and Chemistry) 2012–2014 (junior–senior).
Josh is currently a graduate student in the Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University.

Jordan Rossen
Undergraduate researcher 2013–2014 (first-year).
Jordan is currently an associate computational biologist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Owen Martin
Undergraduate researcher 2013–2014 (first-year).
Owen is currently a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Andrew Rosen
Undergraduate researcher 2013 (junior).
Andrew was named a Goldwater Scholar for 2014.
Andrew is currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University.

Benjamin Kim
Undergraduate researcher 2012–2013 (junior).