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• July 2021: Our review article “Bridging the Void: Halogen Bonding and Aromatic Interactions to Program Luminecence and Electronic Properties of Conjugated Materials in the Solid State” is accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials. Check back soon for a link!

• May 2021: Our invited review article "Optimizing the Self-Assembly of Conjugated Polymers and Small Molecules Through Structurally Programmed Non-Covalent Control” was accepted for publication in Journal of Polymer Science. A link to the paper is HERE.

• March 2021: Congratulations to Elisa Guzman, who was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

• February 2021: Our paper titled “Red-Emitting, Acene-Doped Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles That Respond Ratiometrically to Photogenerated 1O2” is published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. You can find the paper HERE.

• November 2020: Our review titled “Acenes Beyond Organic Electronics: Sensing of Singlet Oxygen and Stimuli-Responsive Materials” is published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. The link to the paper is HERE.

• September 2020: Our paper titled "Resistance to Unwanted Photooxidation of Multi-Acene Molecules” has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. You’ll find a link to the paper HERE.

• June 2020: We have been granted a US Patent (US 10,675,262) for Photoluminescent Nanoparticles and Their Uses in Detection or Quantification of Singlet Oxygen

• May 2020: Our paper titled "Side Chain Regioisomers That Dictate Optical Propeties and Mechanofluorochromism Through Crystal Packing” is accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials. You’ll find the link HERE.

• May 2020: Thank you to the Biomaterials Program of the National Science Foundation for funding our collaborative project with the Rotello Group at UMass on photolabile polymer nanoassemblies!

• May 2020: Our paper titled "Turning on Solid-State Phosphorescence of Platinum Acetylides With Aromatic Stacking” is accepted for publicaiton in ChemComm. The link to the paper is HERE.

• December 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Matt Feeney, who defended his Ph.D. thesis. Matt has started a position at Akita Innovations.

• December 2019: Thank you to the Materials Chemistry program of Basic Energy Sciences in the Department of Energy for renewing their support of our work on controlling conjugated materials with programmed non-covalent interactions. Thank you to our collaborators on this project, Prof. Mu-Ping Nieh at UConn, Prof. Matt Panzer at Tufts, and Prof. Steven Wheeler at the University of Georgia.

• November 2019: Welcome to our new group members: Ph.D. students Nigel Kidder-Wolff and Elisa Guzman!

• September 2019: Our Invited Feature Article “Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up with Photodegradable Layer-by-Layer Films” is published in Langmuir. A link to the paper is HERE.

• July 2019: SWT appointed Dean of Academic Affairs in the School of Arts and Sciences.

• June 2019: Welcome to VERSE student Leanne Collymore, and Tufts Summer Scholar Carolyn Hitelman.

• June 2019: Our paper titled "Directed Polymorphism and Mechanofluorochromism of Conjugated Materials through Weak Non-Covalent Control” is accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry C. You can link to the paper HERE.

• May 2019: Our paper titled “Spectroscopy and Reactivity of Dialkoxy Acenes” is accepted for publication in Chemistry - A European Journal. A link to the paper is HERE.

• May 2019: Congratulations to undergraduate reserachers Jen, Gianna, and Taylor, who are all graduating with the B.S. degrees. Jen Sohn completed a Senior Thesis with Highest Honors. 

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