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Here you will find Tufts University resources for funding conference travel and your research. Also on this page, you can find the all-important reimbursement forms! Important Date: July 1 (the start of the Tufts fiscal year)

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Conference/Travel Funds

Biology Department Travel Funds: $200

The Biology Department can give graduate students $200 for conference travel. You can only recieve this money once per fiscal year. To get reimbursed, fill out the travel reimbursement form (below) and get it to Mike Grossi!

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Travel Fund: $400 if you're presenting, $200 if you're attending

Funding is limited and applications are reviewd on a first-come first-serve basis so apply ASAP! There are two rounds of application submission:

  • Round 1: All applications for travel between July and December are accepted as early as February 16 and must be recieved by October 15 at the latest
  • Round 2: All applications for travel between January and June are accepted as early as October 16 of the prior year and must be recieved by February 15 at the latest

Apply here.

Graduate Travel Support Program: Delta Airlines flight vouchers

The program provides Delta airlines flight vouchers for PhD and research-Masters students. Flights will be available on Delta, KLM, Air France and Alitalia airlines; awards are subject to availability. As such, applications should be submitted as early as possible before a trip. Travel vouchers can be used for:

  • giving a talk at a conference
  • participating in a national disciplinary meeting that is also a vehicle for the academic job market
  • undertaking dissertation research at the destination

Application can be obtained from the dean's office of the student's school (BUGS would go through Dean Bob Cook). More information on the application process here.

Tufts Institute for the Envrionment (TIE) Travel Grant: $500 for domestic travel, $1,000 for international travel

This funding is awarded to students who are presenting at environmental conferences, meetings and/or workshops. TIE funding only covers transportation and conference registration costs; preference is given to students who have not recieved a TIE travel grant in the past. Apply at least 45 days before you plan to travel.

Apply here.

Research Funds

Biology Teaching Funds

Need supplies for a BIO 93, 94, 193, or 194 project you are working on with an undergraduate? You can use department teaching funds (within reason)! Simply email Mike Grossi with what needs to be ordered and specify that it's for BIO 93, 94, 193, or 194. Mike will take care of ordering!

Graduate Student Research Competition: up to $1,000 per student per academic year

Funding can be used for equipment, materials, supplies, research participant compensation, and expenses for travel to conduct research. Sixteen awards are available each semester.

  • Fall Deadline: November 5, 2015 (check application for current deadline)
  • Spring Deadline: February 11, 2016 (check application for current deadline)

Apply here.

Sandler International Research Program: will consider proposals up to $40,000, applicant must indicate other sources of funding or cost-sharing if budget exceeds $20,000

The Sandler Program sponsors research trips abroad for scientific teams comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, and a principal faculty investigator. In 2016, applications were due March 4 (check application for current deadline).

Apply here.

Tufts Collaborates: $500 - $50,000

This is technically a grant program for faculty so this is a grant you could write with your advisor. Funding decisions are made through a peer review process and are based on several criteria, including degree of innovation and collaboration (hence, Tufts Collaborates), potential for external funding, likelihood for sustainability and impact, and viability within departmental, school and/or programmatic frameworks. The 2016 deadline was January 15 (check application for current deadline).

Apply here.

Tufts Institue of the Environment (TIE) Environmental Research Fellowship: up to $6,000 per student per academic year

The Envrionmental Research Fellowship aims to finacially support Tufts grad students in conducting envrionmental research, develop cross-university relationships between researchers (as a fellow, there are meetings you are required to attend), and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • PhD Student Deadline: December 18, 2015 (check application for current deadline)
  • Masters Student Deadline: February 19, 2016 (check application for current deadline)

Apply here.

Reimbursement Forms

There are two reimbursement forms that you will likley use while at Tufts:

  • Travel Expense Form: use this to get reimbursed for conference travel, lodging, registration fees, food, and other per diems
  • Business Expense Form: use this to get reimbursed for research travel (i.e. gas, tolls, parking), and reserach supplies

Both forms can be downloaded here. Once complete, all reimbursement forms go to Mike Grossi for processing.

Found another Tufts funding opportunity that is not included here? Send an email to the BUGS Website Committee and we will add it!

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