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Beyond Academia: BUGS goes to the Harvard Musem of Natural History!

At the museum, we met with Janis Sacco, the Director of Exhibitions. Janis gave us a tour of some of her favorite exhibits at the museum and some insight into her job Beyond Academia!

USA Science and Engineering Festival was a success!

Congrats to all the winners of #GSRS2016! BUGS rocked it!

15 Minute Talks

1st - Charles van Rees - Biology

2nd - Eric Scott - Biology

3rd - Long Bao - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Honorable Mentions

Simran Kaushal - Biology

Meenal Datta - Chemical and Biological Engineering

Kerrlene Wills - International Relations

5-minute Talks

1st - Vasanth Sarathy - Computer Science

2nd - Esther Miller - Biology

3rd - Agustin Botteron - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Honorable Mentions

Robert Burns - Biology

Aleksandra Kaszowska - Psychology


1st - Rachael Bonoan - Biology

2nd - Tom Williams - Computer Science

3rd - Melissa Cruz - PREP

Honorable Mentions

Helen Pu - Psychology (Joint CogSci)

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