Biology Union of Graduate Students






Matt Kamm

Gina Mantica

Cassandra Donatelli

Kayli Pinet


Activities Committee

Genevieve Pugesek, Jenna Whalen, Gabriela Garcia, & Yonkyu Jang

Plans social events like movie night, BUGS brown bag lunches, pumpking carving and MORE.

AV Duty Committee

Eric Scott, Mike Fath, & Mai Tran

In charge of setup and AV for Friday seminar speaker, and arranges schedule for cleanup after seminar (all grad students involved).

Bio-Psych Speaker Organizer

Jerry Mekdara

Arranges annual speaker with the Psychology department.

BUGS Alumni Relations Committee (BARC)

Sim Kaushal, Kaylinnette Pinet, & Fallon Schuler

Communicates with our alumni and organizes events where we bring them back to the department to talk about their careers.

Careers Beyond Academia Committee

Ritwika Mukherjee, Esther Miller, & Gabriel Golczer

Organizes guest speakers in Biology-related careers outside of academia. Contact them if you have a prospective speaker or interested in a specific field/career.

Community Outreach Committee

Justin Blanch, Nick Dorian, & Genevieve Pugesek

Works with faculty to maintain list of outreach opportunities.

Ecology Reading Group (ERGO) Co-Directors

Brenna Gormally, Jessica Rozek, & Natalie Kerr

Coordinates ERGO's meetings and discussion topics. Check out the ERGO Trunk site for events and updates. If you do not have access to the Trunk site, but would like access, email one of the co-directors!

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representative

Ruby Ye & Anastasia Rastokina

Goes to monthly GSC meetings and reports back to BUGS on important events.

Graduate Student Invited Speaker (GSIS)

Taylor Sands-Marcinkowski, Mai Tran, & Terrence Hanscom

Polls graduate students for their choice of invited speaker and schedules speaker.

Green Team - New as of 2016!

Yue Yu (organizer), Jenna Whalen, Eric Scott, Genevieve Pugesek, & anyone who is interested

Makes sure the Biology Department is evironmentally friendly (composting, green coffee initiative, etc.).

Orientation Manual & New Student Committee

Justin Blanch, Jenny Brwester, Ruby Ye & Anastasia Rastokina

Surveys department and compiles orientation manual to welcome new graduate students.

Website Committee

Rachel Bonoan & Taylor Stewart

Update this awesome website!

Committees are formed every Fall, come to the first BUGS meeting of the year to join! See student pictures and information on the department's current graduate students page.

New in 2016: Officers are nominated and elected each Spring.

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