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Undergraduate Program

Research Opportunities

The Biology Department believes that participation in research is a valuable component of undergraduate study and encourages students to explore this experience. Indeed, to be eligible for summa honors in Biology, students are expected to have had at least one research experience during their undergraduate career. However, this experience is not for everyone. You should carefully consider your own priorities and needs before deciding to pursue research.

A. Finding Research Opportunities
One of the most difficult aspects of undergraduate life is deciding what not to do, given the many interesting possibilities. Do you take the extra course in biology or sign up for the photography or literature class to learn about something that you may not have time to explore for a long while? Do you pursue a research project or opt for a semester abroad? These are all difficult choices and only you can make them.

B. Tufts Research Opportunities

  1. Undergraduate Research Courses
  2. NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU Program)
  3. Carpenter Program
  4. Summer Scholars

C. Off-Campus Research Opportunities

  1. Sackler School Summer Research
  2. NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates
  3. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
  4. Howard Hughes Medical
  5. Summer Research opportunities
  6. Miscellaneous Fellowships
  7. Environment America
  8. Wave Fellows Program

D. Recent Projects and Publications

  1. Research Projects and Mentors
  2. Recent Publications (Department of Biology with undergraduate co-authors)