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Undergraduate Program

Concentration Checklists

Ready to graduate?

  • Print out a copy of your Advisement Report from SIS
  • Complete a Concentration Checklist for each major. Checklists are available in the Biology Department offices in Robinson 369 and 200 Boston Ave., Ste 4700. You may choose to complete a fillable form checklist as follows. If you complete the fillable form, please print 2 copies to go along with the Advisement Report.
  • Print a copy of your Unofficial Transcript
  • Bring the Advisement Report, Unofficial Transcript and Concentration Checklists to your advisor and ask him/her to sign only the Concentration Checklist (both copies).
  • Once this is signed, bring the packet to Dr. George Ellmore's mailbox in Robinson 369. When Dr. Ellmore has signed the Checklist(s), you will receive an email to pick up the packet and bring to Dowling Hall.

It is your responsibility to bring the packet to Dowling Hall prior to the deadline.