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Undergraduate Program


Welcome to the Biology Department at Tufts! By declaring a major in biology, you join a long list of students who have used biology to develop active and satisfying careers in research, medicine, biotechnology, conservation, law, finance, environmental consulting, and more. Biology professors are active and well-connected in their field. As your academic advisor, a professor can help you decide which courses serve your needs and interest, whether to take biology courses abroad (and if so, where), how to get involved in independent research, who to see for specific information about medical schools, graduate schools, etc. If you get to know your advisor well enough, s/he will be in a good position to write you a letter of recommendation in your Junior or Senior year. These letters are important when you apply for professional schools, jobs, scholarships, or academic prizes. An academic advisor in the Biology Department is an important resource for your career at Tufts and beyond.

Getting an advisor is easy. If you already know which professor you'd like to have as an advisor, meet with him/her during office hours (office hours are listed on the bulletin board across from the Biology Department office, Robinson Hall, Room 369 and on our website) to discuss what courses you've taken so far. Once someone has agreed to be your advisor, please complete the Declaration of Major Form. Make sure to provide your advisor's email address, so s/he will be notified, and can and sign the form electronically.

If you are having difficulty selecting an advisor, please stop by the Biology Department office (Robinson Hall, Room 369), where a staff assistant will help you. She will give you a list of Biology professors and their research topics. By matching these topics with your plans for the future, you can select an advisor who shares some of your interests.

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