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Major on-site facilities include:

Vicon Motion Systems Optical & High-Speed Video Motion Measurement System

This state-of-the-art 3D motion capture system includes:

  1. Optical Capture Cameras. 5 MX infra-red optical cameras that can differentiate partially colliding markers in real time as well as offline.
  2. High-speed System Compatibility. High-speed video camera systems that operate at speeds up to 2000 frames per second.
  3. Pattern Tracking. Tracking unique user specified patterns frame-by frame without markers or manual intervention.
  4. Virtual Point and Unit Vector Calculations. A point-and-click interface to specify calculations for complete six degree-of-freedom kinematics.
  5. Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Solid Model Display. Integrated conic sections and spheroids that permit the user to construct a realistic solid model display of any animal or human subject.
  6. Kinetic energy measurements. Integrated programming capacity for calculating the kinetic energy of moving bodies and body parts.

Rapid Prototyping Suite

  1. Roland LPX 600, 3D Laser Scanner. A laser scanner with 200 micron resolution, scan volume 10" diameter x 16" height, and LPX EZ Studio reverse engineering software.
  2. Roland MDX-40 Milling Machine for Subtractive rapid prototyping with a fourth rotary axis for unattended two- and four-sided milling 12" x 12" x 4.12" work volume.
  3. Roland CAMM-1 CX 300 vinyl cutter for fine surface cutting and profiling.
  4. Dimension SST (Soluble Support Technology) 3-D Printer. Builds functional 3D models with tough, durable acrylnitrile butadene styrene (ABS) plastic.
  5. Objet Connex 500 Multimaterial 3-D Printer. Prints soft and hard materials in combination. We use this to print some of our Softworm robots.