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Supplementary Materials from Publications

  • Hawaii wetland loss shape files (zipped raster data sets, in a GeoDatabase, 9.3 MB) associated with van Rees, C. B. and J. M. Reed. Wetland loss in Hawaii since human settlement. Wetlands
  • Feral cat population model & User's Guide (Excel spread sheet) associated with McCarthy, R. J., S. H. Levine, and J. M. Reed. 2013. Feral cat control: more effective when reproductive hormones remain intact. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
  • Table (Excel spread sheet) of the raw observational data analyzed in Dane, B., R. Harris, and J. M. Reed. 2013. Female goldeneye ducks (Bucephala clangula) do not discriminate among male precopulatory display patterns. PLOS ONE.
  • Updated table of sightings and redone extinction calculations for Elphick, C. S., D.L. Roberts, and J. M. Reed. 2010. Estimated dates of recent extinctions for North American and Hawaiian birds. Biological Conservation 143:617-624.Updates will be in red – CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO CHANGES. (Download Table 1 and Updated Supplemental Materials)
  • Table of body size measurements of Common Moorhen subspecies as described in DesRochers, D.W., M. D. Silbernagle, A. Nadig, and J. M. Reed. 2010. Body size, growth, and feather mass of the endangered Hawaiian Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis). Pacific Science 64:327-333. (Download PDF)
  • Picture guide to aging Hawaiian Moorhen, associated with DesRochers et al. unpublished.
  • Pictures of Hawaiian Moorhen molt, as described in DesRochers, D. W., L. K. Butler, M. D. Silbernagle, and J. M. Reed. 2009. Observations of molt in an endangered rallid, the Hawaiian Moorhen. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 121:148-153. (Download PDF)

    Hawaiian Moorhen adults captured at James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, Oahu, HI with:
    Recently completed molt
    Abraded remiges prior to molt
    Simultaneously molting remiges
    Remiges molting asynchronously

    Photos by D. DesRochers.

    Hawaiian Moorhen calls used in DesRochers et al. (2008) for call-broadcast. (Download PDF) All recording except peeping were made by David DesRochers on Oahu. The cackle, squawk, yelp, and cluck (all adult vocalizations) were recorded in 2004 at Waimea Valley Audubon, and the squeal (chick vocalization) was recorded at James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge. The peeping call (adult vocalization) is from Pratt (1995 Voices of Hawaii's Birds, Hawaii Audubon Society) recorded on Oahu.

    To download, click on call name

  • Vital Rate Sensitivity Analysis software associated with Fefferman and Reed 2006