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Talking about invertebrates

Learning about invertebrates requires that you learn a substantial new vocabulary. It helps to try using that new terminology in your everyday conversation. When you come up with some good ways of doing that, send your entries to me at jan.pechenik@tufts.edu (indicate on subject line: "Talking About Invertebrates") and I'll post them here for others to incorporate into their own daily conversation.

To help get you started, here are a few examples of how you might incorporate your growing invertebrate vocabulary into normal conversation with friends, acquaintances, and family:
  1. "Get your nematocysts off me, you diploblastic jellyfish."
  2. "Don't be such an acanthocephalan."
  3. "At least my skeleton isn't hydrostatic!"
  4. "Thanks for the clarification. It's now as clear as a thaliacean" Julia Hackel, 2015

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