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The Readable Darwin: The Origin of Species as Edited for Modern Readers by Jan A. Pechenik, Oxford University Press, Inc., Publishers

Although The Origin of Species is very well known, very few people have ever read it. I am hoping to change that. I have carefully edited the first 8 chapters to make the material much more accessible to interested readers, while retaining as much of Darwin's voice as possible. I have shortened and reorganized sentences, strengthened many of the verbs, identified the various people that Darwin mentions, and clarified much of his terminology and some of his arguments. I've also provided brief introductions at the start of each chapter along with many helpful color photographs and illustrations. The following address brings you to the companion Website for the book, providing the links and videos referred to at the end of each chapter. Volume 1 of The Readable Darwin: The Origin of Species as Edited for Modern Readers includes only the first 8 chapters from Darwin's The Origin of Species. Enjoy! I am now preparing the final 7 chapters for publication, through Oxford University Press.

Biology of the Invertebrates, 7th edition, McGraw-Hill Publishers

This book is designed to help students appreciate the remarkable diversity of animal life on our planet and the important roles that invertebrate play in our lives, and to prepare students to read the research literature about them.

A Short Guide to Writing About Biology, 9th edition, Pearson-Longman Publishers

This book teaches students the oral and written communication skills needed to succeed in biology courses, and indeed in most professions.