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Former Lab Members


Nicole Soltis (Masters 2013)
Effects of exotic insect herbivory on Eastern hemlock.

PhD candidate UC Davis
Tegan Morton (Masters 2012)
Evolutionary ecology of garlic mustard.

High School Teacher, The Hewitt School, NY
Tara Bledsoe (Masters 2005)
Resource transport in plants.

Graduate student in Nutrition, Drexel University
Mark Fields (Masters 2003)
Induction of phytochemical in willow.

Venture Capital Fundraiser at American Ag Energy, Inc.
Stephen Craine (Masters 2002)
Dynamics of invasive plants in coastal ponds.

Scientific and Medical Writer


Alexandra Thorn (Ph.D. 2012)
Vascular constraints to resource transport in plants.

Postdoctoral Researcher at University of New Hampshire
Colleen Butler (Ph.D. 2011)
Physiological ecology of green roofs.

Executive Director at Bayou Land RC&D Council
Minda Berbeco (Ph.D. 2011)
Carbon sequestration in NE forests.

Programs and Policy Director, National Center for Science Education
Benjamin Babst (Ph.D. 2006)
Dynamic plant responses to herbivory.

Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas – Monticello
Megan Griffiths (Ph.D. 2003)
Community ecology of coastal heathland.

Adjunct Professor, Kent State University
Stephen Lower (Ph.D. 2002)
Abiotic determinants of suitability of willows to herivores.

Ecologist, Portland Parks and Recreation

Post-doc/Visiting Scientist

Robert Schaeffer
Postdoctoral Researcher

Robert completed his PhD in 2014 at Dartmouth College. He is broadly interested in chemical-mediated species interactions and their implications for broader community patterns. For his PhD, he studied the role of nectar-inhabiting microbes as mediators of plant-pollinator mutualisms. In the lab, Robert examines how changes in defensive chemistry mediate interactions between two exotic herbivores (Adelges tsugae and Fiorinia externa) and the performance of their native host, Tsuga canadensis. He also examines linkages between aboveground herbivory by these invasives and the belowground ecology of T. canadaensis and its microbial associates.
Sara "Coco" Gómez (Post-doc, 2008-2014)
Resource dynamics in response to herbivore cues.

Assistant Director, Environmental Studies Program, Tufts University
Selena Ahmed (Post-doc, 2012-2013)
Impact of climate change on tea (Camellia sinensis)

Assistant Professor, Montana State University
Margret van Vuuren (Post-doc, 2000-2002)
Vit Gloser (Visiting Scientist, 2004)

Associate Professor, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Amy Zanne (Post-doc, 2003-2004)

Associate Professor, George Washington University