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Dr. Selena Ahmed

TEACRS Postdoctoral Fellow

My research and teaching interests are in human-environment interactions in the context of biodiversity conservation, management, agriculture, climate change and human wellbeing. I have conducted research in forest-dwelling communities in the Venezuelan Amazon, Indian Himalaya, Belize, Dominican Republic, Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco and southwestern China.

As a TEACRS Postdoctoral Fellow at Tufts University, I have initiated an interdisciplinary project on the impact of climate change on tea growth and phytochemical quality in China and associated farmer and consumer perceptions. This project is a collaborative effort with faculty and students in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry and the Schools of Engineering and Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts. I am conducting field studies and controlled experiments to manipulate precipitation and temperature events to anticipate how climate change will affect tea growth and quality. I am also administering surveys in tea-producing areas to document farmer perceptions of climate variability and associated resource management decisions and adaptations. This work builds on my previous research on management practices, plant species richness, genetic diversity and phytochemical quality associated with variable tea production systems in China’s southwestern Yunnan Province.

My current research on climate effects on tea quality is supported by: (i) TEACRS Postdoctoral Fellowship; (ii) a Tufts Collaborates! Seed Grant and, (iii) Program 111 in Ethnobiology at Minzu University of China / Chinese Ministry of Education.

View a slideshow of photographs of my study area in southwestern China taken by photographer Michael Freeman for our book Tea Horse Road: China’s Ancient Trade Road to Tibet (2011). This slideshow was featured in a recent Tufts Now story, "Steeped in Tradition."


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