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Follow these links for videos related to selected research projects in our lab:
Light Snacks: Predation on Fireflies
This study described some common predators on the famous synchronous fireflies of the Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee. The Light Show is a popular seasonal attraction created by thousands of courting male Photinus carolinus fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) that flash in synchrony tolocate females. We describe some new predators of fireflies, and investigate the susceptibility of different firefly species to predatory Photuris femmes fatales.
The evolution of firefly nuptial gifts
This international study across different firefly species revealed a surprising evolutionary link between males’ gift-giving habits and females’ flight ability.
Social networking by hermit crabs
Hermit crabs often acquire new shells via synchronous vacancy chains, in which they use complex social behaviors to gather information about shell quality.
Hermit crab vacancy chains
This "Home" episode of BBC’s Life Story featured our work (narrated by Sir David Attenborough).
Energy and predation costs of firefly flashing
This study used open-low respirometry to measure the energetic expenditure during firefly flashing, which turned out to be surprisingly modest. In contrast firefly flashing carried a substantial cost by increasing predation risk.
Mating behavior of Tribolium flour beetles
Homosexual behaviors are widespread in the animal kingdom. This video first shows typical male-female mating behavior in red flour beetles, and then illustrates the striking similarity of male homosexual copulations. Male beetles frequently form stacks with many males attempting to copulate with one another, although the evolutionary maintenance of such behavior is still a mystery.