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Selected Recent Publications

Owens, A.C.S. and S.M. Lewis. 2018. The impact of artificial light at night on nocturnal insects: A review and synthesis. Ecology and Evolution 8: 11337-58.

Fallon, T.R., S.E Lower, C.H. Chang, S.M. Lewis et al. 2018. Firefly genomes illuminate parallel origins of bioluminescence in beetles. eLife 2018:7:e36495.

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Franklin, A.M., M.B. Applegate, S.M. Lewis, and F.G. Omenetto. 2017. Stomatopods detect and assess achromatic cues in contests. Behavioral Ecology, 28:1339-1336. pdf

Lewis S.M., K. Vahed, J.M. Koene, L. Engqvist, L.F. Bussiere, J.C. Perry, D. Gwynne, G.U.C. Lehmann. 2014. Emerging issues in the evolution of animal nuptial gifts. Biology Letters 10: 20140336.

South, A. and S.M. Lewis. 2012. Determinants of reproductive success across sequential episodes of sexual selection in a firefly. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London - B 279: 3201-3208. pdf

Lewis, S.M., N. Tigreros, T. Fedina, and Q.L. Ming. 2012. Genetic and nutritional effects on male traits and reproductive performance in Tribolium flour beetles. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25: 438-451. pdf

South, A., K. Stanger-Hall, M.L. Jeng, and S.M. Lewis. 2011. Correlated evolution of female neoteny and flightlessness with male spermatophore production in fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae). Evolution, 65: 1099-1113. pdf

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Fedina, T. and S.M. Lewis. 2008. An integrative view of sexual selection in Tribolium flour beetles. Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 83: 151-171. pdf