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Michael Levin, Principal Investigator
Levin Lab

Vannevar Bush Professor
Distinguished Professor

Department of Biology

Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University
Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology

Phone: (617) 627-6161
Email: michael.levin AT tufts.edu
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Bioelectricity - Co-Editor-in-Chief
Collective Intelligence - Founding Associate Editor
Laterality - Editorial Advisory Board

Scientific Lineage (more info)
Susan Ernst, Undergraduate research

Cliff Tabin, Graduate thesis advisor

Mark Mercola, Post-doc advisor
Mike Levin

Dany S. Adams, Post-doc
Sherry Aw, Ph.D
Wendy S. Beane, Post-doc
Johanna Bischof, Post-doc
Katia Carneiro, Post-doc
Brook Chernet, Ph.D.
Fallon Durant, Ph.D.
Maria Lobikin, Ph.D.
Daniel Lobo, Post-doc
Alessio Masi, Post-doc
Gary McDowell, Post-doc
Nestor J. Oviedo, Post-doc
Ai Sun Tseng, Post-doc
Laura N. Vandenberg, Post-doc

and many others